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Enchiladas De La Casa

*Choice of shredded chicken breast, barbacoa style beef or seasoned ground beef enchiladas
*Arroz and your favorite beans.
*Includes freshly cooked tortilla chips and Primas Salsa

Grande (20) $49.99Chico (10) $34.99
Bean Options (Select 1):Refried Pinto Beans Whole Black Beans
Enchiladas De La Casa Protein (Select 1):Seasoned Ground Beef Shredded Chicken Barbacoa Beef
Enchiladas De La Casa Substitutions (Optional):Sub Queso Sauce +$3Sub San Miguel Sauce +$3
Family Meal Add-Ons (Optional):Add Queso Blanco (16 oz.) +$12Add Traditional Guacamole (16 oz.) +$13Add Pico De Gallo (8 oz.) +$1.50Add Spicy Roasted Pepper Salsa (8 oz.) +$2Add Extra Chips and Salsa Roja +$5
Drink Options (Optional):House Margarita +$6Mexican Coke +$2Mexican Sprite +$2Strawberry Fanta +$2Gallon Sweet Tea +$5.50Gallon Unsweetened Tea +$5.50Gallon Lemonade +$5.50Gallon Strawberry Lemonade +$5.50
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